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Our story 
& Mission

Founded in 2018, Barventory was started by a team of bar owners and operators with decades of combined experience, who knew there had to be a better way to manage their inventory and bar that didn’t involve the traditional methods of pen, paper, old school scales, or other costly options, like off-site inventory management. 

The team set out on a mission to revolutionize the industry, looking to build a better system to weigh and track inventory. One that was digital, more efficient, easy to use, enterprise-grade, and affordable.

The World’s First FREE Sliding Scale App

They began by creating the first ever completely free sliding scale app with inventory management features, a solution that other companies are charging hundreds of dollars per month for. This made liquor inventory tracking accessible to all bar managers worldwide.

But the sliding scale app is inherently not the most accurate solution because it relies on bar staff to visually measure what they believe to be the alcohol level in the bottle, and that leaves plenty of room for human error.

Finding no commercial system on the market that could scan, weigh, and track inventory, the Barventory team built their own.

The World’s First All-In-One Digital Bar Top Scale

An exclusive, patent-pending bar top scale with a built-in scanner that syncs to a digital app. The app has a built-in database containing thousands of barcodes of liquor products with photos of the bottles so you don’t have to spend hours inputting your inventory. Your staff simply:

  1. The bottle is placed on the scale and it is weighed digitally down to the ounce using our proprietary algorithm to ensure accuracy depending on the type of liquor in the bottle.

  2. Scan the bottle’s barcode and the app identifies the bottle, displaying a photo of it from our catalogue.

  3. The liquor inventory is tracked in our robust, cloud-based inventory management system that can be accessed in real-time by the bar manager from anywhere through phone, tablet, or computer.

Enterprise Features & Staff Scheduling

The Barventory system has been since expanded to include a robust suite of features including staff scheduling, so you can manage not only your inventory, but your team as well. With Barventory’s advanced reporting tools, you’re able to stay on top of everything in your bar with one easy-to-use, powerful solution. A single dashboard for your entire bar or chain of brands.

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