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Live Keg Scale

Worlds first live

Keg Scale

Always know whats in your keg
For the first time ever, you can see into your kegs to know how much you have left, and how much has been poured.




Accurately keeping track of how much beer is in each of your kegs is a critical part of managing your bar, and the measuring technologies currently available have been flawed and inaccurate, making it difficult to know exactly how much is left.

Easy to Use

We’ve revolutionized keg inventory with our exclusive, patent-pending keg scale technology that continuously monitors in real-time how much alcohol is left in your keg, accurate down to the ounce. Simply place one of our keg scales under each of your kegs and set them up in your Barventory app in minutes.

Iphone Keg - Barventory.png

No "Foam Factor"

Tracking alcohol flow has a ‘foam factor’ where you end up measuring foam instead of liquid, leaving valuable ounces of beer in your keg unaccounted for. All those inaccurately tracked ounces of foam is money lost.

We made it our mission to make a better solution.

Our keg scale is accurate down to the ounce, doesn’t have a ‘foam’ problem, and provides you with a real, truly accurate way to know what’s in your kegs.

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