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Liquor Inventory &
Bar Management

Every ounce counts!

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Easy Inventory Setup

Setup your Liquor Inventory in under 10 minutes. Add from our large inventory catalogue with a few simple clicks.

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Using our system, you will always know what you need, wherever you are. Your shopping list is ready to access in real-time, anytime.


Keg Inventory


For the first time ever, you can see into your kegs to know how much you have left, and how much has been poured. 

Our Keg Scale Anchor

Our Keg Scale

Worlds first live Keg Scale

Never worry about lost inventory again! Our revolutionary software continuously monitors in real-time how much alcohol is left in your keg, accurate down to the ounce. Track through your smartphone.


Bar Top Scale

Scan, Weigh and Track

At barventory, we’re all about accuracy and saving you time. Our unique bar-top scale’s Quick Weigh technology allows your bartenders to do inventory in record time by simply scanning the bottle and placing it on the scale, the app identifies the bottle and takes care of the rest. Scan. Weigh. Track. It’s that easy.



Schedule, manage and plan

Creating a schedule for your staff and team has never been easier. Simply purchase and download the app and get started.




Simple inventory Setup

Not only does Barventory keep track of all your product, it is the hub for all your employees scheduling, communication, ordering and shipment tracking


Seamless POS Integration.

We make integrating with your POS system simple. Interested in learning more? Reach out to our team today. 

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