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At Barventory, we have a variety of features that helps improve your operations. Manage your inventory more effectively, quick and in a digital, easy to use fashion. 

Take control of your internal management and start optimizing your inventory process today. 


Bar Top Features:

  • Wireless and portable.

  • Great value compared with competitors product.

  • 99.9% accuracy measuring a poured 1.5ounce shot.

  • Weigh and scan inventory to track product consumption.


Keg Scale Features:

  • Wireless and portable.

  • Real time draught volume in each keg.

  • Alerts - Keg almost empty, keg empty, draught poured after close and before open.

  • Controls your draught where flow meters cannot such as off-site events and in kegerators.

  • Temperature monitor and plotting of keg freezer, notifications of freezer temperature going out of user defined threshold.



  • Automated consumption reports emailed to you after each count.

  • Pop-up bar and banquet room reports to quickly bill clients.

  • Report comparing Barventory system measured consumption results with actual sales.


Website & App Features:

  • Interfaces with over 30 POS Systems.

  • Exports to Restaurant Management Software.

  • Control your catering events and banquets.

  • Supports multiple physical zones where inventory is stored.

  • Management of transfers from inventory lock up to active zone.

  • User account management per staff with inventorying capabilities.

  • Staff and product order scheduling assistant.

  • Management of multiple locations.

  • Automated shopping list building and management.

  • Enterprise support for corporate stores, including on-site training and inventory setup.

Let's Work Together

Interested in learning more? Contact us today to see exactly how Barventory can help you. 

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